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The name MTS comes from: Total Pre-press and Graphics, Mac's Total Graphic and P.B.M Sales Co., Ltd.
We took the initials and named our company thus.


The collective name of the process in which computer-assisted control of the machines and the process involved in making the typesetting, plate making, and the prepress planning and designing, is DTP.
Currently many printing companies are relying on computer to turn digital imagery into a film. These companies then imprint the films directly onto the impression cylinder thus saving time and money while boosting productivity. This process is CTP.
We stock and deal in machines for all your Prepress needs.


We handle many types of printing machines. Among them are different types of on-demand printers. Small printers made for printing visiting cards, labels or seals.
We also deal in single colour to two colour, four colour, five colour, six colour, eight colour, ten colour and multi colour printers.
Major printer makers in this category are HEIDELBERG, KOMORI, RYOBI, SAKURAI, HAMADA, ALPHA, etc


We also handle in machines that are used for post-press work. Binding, folding, cutting, punching and packaging machines are available for sale.

Major printer makers in this category are HEIDELBERG, SHOEI, HORIZON, etc.

We also deal in second hand machines.
(We can sell second hand machines in good working condition at 1/10 to 1/3rd of the original price)
We stock in printing related goods like, spare parts, solvents and other perishables so please call us up and let us know about the product that you require.

The second hand machines that we deal in are all of superior quality and because of that, we have gained praise from within Japan and from customers abroad.

We also make sure to provide extended support after selling a machine. We strive to provide our customer with amazing after sale service so go ahead and buy with confidence. Little wonder that MTS has gained the trust of so many customers from all over the world.

Pollution prevention equipment

We are doing our best to promote the "clean environment healthy life" and "a healthy work environment" movement.

We sell and are in involved in the production of machines that stop environmental pollution.

Industrial machine

We deal in all types of industrial and computer automated systems.

Recycle works

We buy and sell all types of printers, binding, cutting and printing related machines.

MTS also provides overhauling and maintenance services for machines related to the printing press industry.

We also buy machines that are not in use or unwanted (this service is for Japanese region only).

Scrap/Unwanted parts/Waste disposal
MTS also undertakes printing press industry related waste disposal jobs. Give us a call and we will take care of business.

Thank you for visiting MTS today!

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