1970 Jan

We built Matsubara Machine to sell machine related to printing

1971 June

We changed our company name to Matsubarakousan corporation, and we got the license which almost all the established company's selling agent.
We started that selling machine which related to printing. We didn't have any specializes in selling machines under Kanagawa prefecture.
Matsubarakousan was called "Technician Matsubara" and we got a reputation by our customer. We started to sell supply by consumer request.

1995 Oct

We welcomed 25th year for this company. We take this occasion to build the headquarters building.
Our company name changed to MTS.
We received a license of selling agent from Heidelberg which the biggest company of printing industry in the world.

The summit of Heidelberg visited us.

2002 May

Our Web was opened.

2007 Sep

Our MTS members were invited 80th memorial party by HEIDELBERG Co., Ltd.

HEIDELBERG 80th memorial

2008 Jan

We were selling all the printing presses and its supply and their environment/health care item.
Those sales grew up favorably, and it lead us present position.
We are selling not only mint, over hauled machines, and we are buying also.